Reviews of Research Gateway

Research Gateway has been setting benchmarks on research support service for over a decade now. Our business is built on solid foundations of Expertise and Experience. Many individuals or websites have been following us continuously. While it might be easy to imitate our website looks, it is difficult to match our business operations. We are genuine and different in our work approach. How are we different? Check out these five points:

  We do not provide sample of our previous work. We do not sell or publish any document that is custom made for 10 years from the date of completion of work. And frankly, we are too busy to create an imaginary work for attracting customers from the website. Hey, did you ever found a sample work relevant to you?
  We do not accept orders from dealers or resellers. Do you think any justice can be done in promoting research by doing bulk work? Do excuse us for this.
  You will never find any Thanksgiving, New Year discounts or special packages floating around from us. Will our writers demand less salary during these times? Nopes.
  100% Satisfaction guarantee (Ruled Out). We are averse to such statements. Which satisfaction do you mean anyways? Can we provide that satisfaction?
  Guaranteed work. Ahh! Forgive us. We do not sell degrees. We as a company will never do anything to tarnish our image or default on compliance. We offer support and mentoring programs to complete your research work when you are stuck with it.

Our Work –

We cover almost all well known subjects for Master’s or Phd level research work. Whether it is a portion of the research or a complete mentoring support, you will get all here customised to your needs. We call ourselves “The Research Mall” as you get all your services at one place.

We put our work standards to some of the most rigorous tests. Our work is a reflection of our image and we guard it with the best possible efforts. While we can make tall claims of the good quality work we have done in the past, but we do accept that we have not been able to come up to the expectations of our clients on 6% of the total orders received on the first instance. However, on the second attempt, we have managed to reduce this percentage to 3.4%. At Research Gateway, we follow a no copy paste policy. All work submitted to you will be original and scholarly.

How many times have you seen fake testimonials on websites? We know many such websites. Whether it is a work of complete Thesis mentoring, Masters Dissertation writing for those who have English as second language, Primary or secondary data collection and sourcing, Assistance or training on statistical tools or editing and proofreading the entire research proposal, we undertake all similar research support assignments.

Our Service/Work Guarantee

  Response time of 30 minutes or less for all quick enquiries.
  24 hours operation. Your phone call will always be answered at any time of the business day.
  Quick writer allocation within 24 hours of confirmation of the project from your side.
  Maximum 1 business day revert time for all your queries raised directly to the writer.
  Automatic money receipt and invoice for the payment made from our billings department.
  100% compliance to the academic style of referencing as per your custom requirement.
  Only scholarly writing with genuine academic references. References as documents available on request.

Our Team

Our team of full time writers probably has high intellectual capital in this industry. We are our team. Our writers are Phd/M.Phils in their respective area of specialisation and offer unmatched expertise. You can personally come and visit our office to meet any of the writers or our team members. You may set up free consultation with the writer of your interest and get a free review of your work.

Our team undergoes various trainings to further hone their skills; they attend international training programs of their respective areas under corporate sponsorship. Many of our writers are on board of directors with leading organisations in India.

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