Even a well-written thesis at the PhD level requires proper editing to remove any flaws in the language and flow of content. Our thesis editing and proof reading service is a comprehensive service to ensure that your thesis carries the correct look and feel. The Thesis editing service is provided for all topics for which Thesis writing service is extended. Professional statistical analysis and data collection is also done as an add-on part of the dissertation editing service on request. .

The Thesis editing service is offered after a complete scan of your Thesis. It ensures that the research paper you have prepared conforms to the rules and standards set by your university, and that there are no chances of grammatical or style errors.

Our thesis editing service works through the following stages of the editing process:


Since you have written the thesis, you must also be aware of and involved in the editing process. We have editors who will be in touch with you and explain the corrections made, giving you a chance to get the changes approved.

Logical Grammar:

When creating a thesis, you must make sure that there are no run-on sentences, unsuitable verbs, fragmented sentences, and syntax errors. Subject-verb agreement and a proper sentence structure throughout the document will make the thesis presentable. Our thesis editing helps you to avoid the common mistakes that can alter the meaning of your content

Structural Sense:

The chapters of the thesis need to be woven together in a seamless manner. The structure shows the clarity of your ideas, and makes the research coherent.

Style of presentation:

Presentation is the step that has to be paid attention, since even a well compiled thesis can fall flat and fail to impress if the presentation is not proper. Giving an individual tone to the research is necessary to reflect the labour that you have put in. it is your research and should express your thoughts in an elegant and professional manner.


This can be called the ultimate check, following the penultimate stage of thesis editing. the proof readers make sure that even a minute mistake is not left in the thesis by going through the content with an eagle's eye.

Our Thesis editing service also comes with a free help in the form of suggestions on thesis content and other improvement methods. Thesis editing help offered by Research Gateway has enjoyed superior client satisfaction for the past decade.

Thesis Editing Rates

Description + Delivery Word Count Contact Us for Price
Thesis Editing with 5 days delivery Upto 30000 words
Thesis Editing with 7-8 days delivery Upto 60000 words
Layout Formatting -
Citation (APA, MLA, Chicago, Turabian) -
Thesis Proof reading with 4 days delivery Upto 30000 words
Thesis Proof reading with 7 days delivery Upto 60000 words

*1 page = 250 words

Scope of work in Thesis Editing Service is as under:

Proof reading for thesis structure errors
Layout formatting
English and grammar mistakes
Suggestions for improvement
Incorrect referencing
Content analysis for better understanding of the reader
Diagrams and pictures drawing
Statistical help and checking of statistical tools applied

Customers can pick and choose any of the above mentioned scope to decide their requirement for dissertation editing services. Thesis editing service offered by Research Gateway is custom built to suit the needs of the research scholars.

Our team of qualified editors has a vast experience in writing and editing thesis and research papers for various universities. Hence they are well versed with the different styles followed for editing around the world. They are also familiar with the type of mistakes commonly committed by students as regards the structure and language of the document. This ensures accurate as well as fast turnaround of the editing work.

You will doubly benefit when you opt for Thesis Editing service from us, as you will be constantly informed about the changes that we are incorporating, so you know where you went wrong and how your thesis is being improved.

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