Whenever you are creating a dissertation or thesis for a PhD and post graduate studies, you will find that a critical element of your writing will be your literature review chapter. A well written and well-presented literature review can impact your dissertation to a great degree. When you have all of the information and all of the facts but find that putting them into the right words to convey your meaning is the problem, it may prove beneficial to hire a writing service. The writers at Research Gateway are experts at preparing a literature review chapter that gives a wide range of information about the material you have used to formulate your theories.

The literature review is, in a way, the deciding factor for the character of research. The evaluator must get a clear idea of all the study you have done by reading the literature review chapter. Our Dissertation writing and consulting services are provided by experienced and expert writers who know the technicalities involved in preparing a remarkable literature review chapter. They will look into all the sources used by you give a detailed analysis accordingly. They can even suggest books and sources you can add and refer to, for a better dissertation.

This chapter must be done in a logical manner; there must be a proper flow to how you present the details of all the literary sources you have used. It gives a direction to the researcher, as it is an exhaustive list of all the references which the scholar can use at any stage during the research. It also forms a scale, on which the evaluator judges the capability of the researcher, as to how prepared the scholar is for carrying forward the research work. It also reflects the depth of the knowledge that is studied and that backs the analysis done further in the dissertation.

Another aspect that must draw your attention is the matter of citations. The sources from where you are taking the literature, the book/journal you are referring to, as well as the details of the author, will have to be mentioned in the proper format. Our team of writers have the knowledge regarding the format and standard followed in the various universities for citations. Following them is important because a wrong citation style can cause your entire dissertation to be rejected, or at the least lowering of your grades.

While writing your literature review chapter, you will have a number of duties that are critical to the overall dissertation. Within this chapter, you will have to dissect the literature you have used for your dissertation. You will need to explain the relevance of the literature as it pertains to your field, the impact it has had on the field, and how it has contributed overall.

This chapter involves providing more than just an overview of the literature; you should also explain how it relates to your dissertation. You will want to point out how the works reviewed serve to support or oppose your position, and examine how the works are similar to and different from one another. You will need to determine and show what literature has the biggest overall impact on the topic, as well as interpret your overall findings so that you can show how you came to your conclusions. The credentials of the various sources used should be investigated. There should not be any bias in the way a particular author presents the data. If some bias does exist, it should be negated by including some balancing facts.

Creating your literature review chapter can be difficult; no matter how well you have read and researched the subject matter. For many people, this can be one of the hardest aspects of creating a dissertation. Thankfully, you can find a writing service that can help you with your review if needed. Do not be in doubt and put your entire thesis or dissertation at risk because you had difficulty with a single section of the paper, despite a sound research method and great findings. Get our help to create a literature review that will give the perfect tone to your research and do justice to all the material that you have judiciously studied.

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