If you are a PhD candidate and you are developing your Dissertation or Dissertation Proposal, you would need expert guidance on the statistical part of the document. Hiring a statistician will streamline your process of dissertation writing and it remains purely ethical to do so. We offer risk free expert statistics service for your dissertation. Our team consists of 24 PhD statisticians who have helped numerous PhD candidates in understanding and completing their statistics for research.

While you may find an experienced PhD statistician, the knowledge that person bears does not have much value to you unless he has worked on academic projects. Our statisticians are recommended by various university committees' for statistics support. With our team of statisticians, we have never turned down an academic project due to its complexity or on scope of requirements. This itself shows that we are confident and 100% sure that we will be able to provide you the right support you need. Whether you need support on AMOS for structured equation modelling, need help in inferential statistics by conducting ANOVA, T-test etc. or want us to support you with logistic regression, our team will relieve you of the blocks that you might be encountering.

We bring immense value to you as a client, and offer any day, any time support. This means we are ready to work around our schedule to suit your needs. We also provide direct consultations through virtual meetings and work with the clients for making them understand what input was given on their project. However, you will need to subscribe additionally for the mentoring package custom built for your need.

Dissertation statistics service has helped over 900 doctoral students to achieve success. Whether you are at your dissertation proposal writing stage or have just collected the data for starting with the quantitative analysis, our statistician will work with you as a team to deliver the optimum results. .

One major advantage of delegating the statistical portion of your research to us is our exclusive team of statisticians, who are adept in all major statistical tools and techniques. All our statisticians are very well versed with statistical software like SPSS, Stata and E-Views. This makes our Dissertation Statistics Service more powerful and reliable, as out there, are many statisticians who know the application of statistics in research very well, there are only few who know how to use the same using software. SPSS itself is complex software and one needs time to learn how to feed data into it. Moreover, one should also know which test to apply, and how to interpret the results. .

All of our statisticians hold degrees/PhD in Statistics from renowned universities and in addition to that have successfully completed courses in usage of the software. Furthermore, they have formal exposure to research as well. This combination makes our Dissertation Statistics Service the first choice among researchers and students alike. .

The price charged for this particular service depends upon the bulk of data one has to analyse and varies as per the test and depth of interpretations. But one can be rest assured about the accuracy with which the testing of hypothesis is done. Further, in our Dissertation Statistics Service, we also present the outcome with interpretation of each and every table or graph. This ensures that you as a client understand the relevance of the output, and hence can effectively write and relate your further chapters.

We are not restricted by the use of software or topic you have chosen for the study. We use SPSS, E-Views, Stata, R, SAS, and Minitab amongst others to perform the statistical tests. Our range of service, coupled with our expertise, makes us the preferred choice to help you with your dissertation or thesis requirements

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